Technically the richest mobile platform in any industry, any where. Our platform sets the standards for an industry.
    Support for Over 1,500 Mobile Devices Worldwide
    With Metallic Blue, gaming operators can focus resources on their customer base rather than worry about the type and number of mobile devices supported. Other mobile solution providers restrict mobile market reach
    with limited device support. Metallic Blue's Advanced Mobile Platform is designed to support over 1,500 mobile devices worldwide powered by the world's leading mobile operating systems and environments such as Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, Java, RIM Blackberry, and various WAP browser types. With Metallic Blue's broad reach and support, gaming operators can focus on growing their mobile business to a worldwide audience without forcing mobile customers to use a particular mobile device on only 2 or 3 networks. We’ve literally got the world covered with worldwide network coverage and mobile device support to ensure operators succeed globally.
    Single Click Install Wizard
    Gaming operators can now take advantage of the new proprietary Metallic Blue Over-The-Air (OTA) solution which allows them to send introductory SMS messages to mobile players. When the player opens the message, they initiate a proprietary device identification process
    and are then presented with an easy-to-use download menu containing the correct application for their mobile device. This entire sequence is driven via a unique WAP push engine in real-time! The entire Metallic Blue OTA solution accelerates mobile adoption rates for the gaming operator with ease and convenience and automatically adapts as new mobile device enhancements become available. Installation is as easy as knowing your own phone number.
    Security Encryption
    All mobile transactions and data are handled using secure 128-bit end-to-end encryption based on industry-standard security protocols already available to customers on the Internet. All registration data, whether handled through operator websites or mobile applications
    is securely wrapped with 128-bit end-to-end encryption. Player information entered during registration (such as username and password) is stored on the operator’s server – player information is never stored on the mobile application or the mobile device. Metallic Blue’s Advanced Mobile Platform provides the same level of protection and security protocol support that customers already expect from gaming operators.
    Video Streaming
    Metallic Blue’s Advanced Mobile Platform has been successfully used to deploy video streaming capability to mobile handsets. Now gaming operators can take advantage of this unique capability to add interactive elements
    to their mobile offering. This is critical in verticals such as horse racing or sports to watch hi-light reels or the entire race live.
    Location tracking
    This is our location tracking add-on product that allows customers the ability to control and record their users locations allowing (or preventing) mobile transactions from occurring depending on where the customer is when they initiate the transaction, which can be CRITICAL
    for validating gaming transactions. We have 3 levels of granularity. We can provide a broad IP address look up which is ideal to ensure a transaction occurs within a larger area such as a country or we can provide GPS enabled location tracking identifying the source of the transaction within 6 feet. It should be noted GPS enabled transactions require GPS enabled devices, which continue to grow in popularity but restricts handset support.

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