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    Full Support For All Gaming Verticals
    Metallic Blue’s Advanced Mobile Platform enables gaming operators to extend their products and services to mobile customers quickly and easily without the need to re-configure existing
    infrastructure. Gaming operators focused on existing Internet-based gaming verticals can quickly enable these offerings to mobile customers for Casino, Sportsbook, Racebook, Poker, Lottery, Bingo, Parimutuel, In-Game Betting, and even FX Exchange.
    Multi-Wagering Suites & Multi-Player Capability
    Because Metallic Blue’s Advanced Mobile Platform offers the greatest flexibility
    in the industry, gaming operators can run a single mobile application with multi-wagering capabilities (e.g. Sportsbook, Casino and Racebook) on higher-end mobile devices supported by Apple, Android Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Java. In addition, gaming operators also have the option to enable high-impact progressive jackpot tournaments between mobile and Internet players across a series of casino games.
    Convenience For Players and Gaming Operators
    Players benefit by using a single account and password already established through Internet wagering websites for use on mobile applications. Metallic Blue’s Advanced Mobile Platform is based on client-server architecture
    to easily extend products and services to over 1,500 mobile devices worldwide. Best of all, Metallic Blue’s platform solution easily integrates to the operator’s existing customer retention and marketing systems. This enables operators to better understand mobile conversion rates and player yields through back-office CRM systems with special Web/SMS campaigns, tournaments and loyalty programs.
    Affiliate Tracking System
    Metallic Blue has developed a proprietary affiliate tracking system which enables gaming operators to accelerate conversion and adoption to their mobile offering
    with an existing affiliate base. A proprietary Metallic Blue Provisioning module performs real-time client branding and stamping of affiliate information so that affiliates receive proper credit and payment from the gaming operator. This revolutionary solution helps gaming operators benefit from the multiplier effect of hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliates directing potential customers to their new mobile offering.
    Event Messaging Before or even During the Game
    If gaming operators currently use event-based messaging and communication in their current wagering products on the Internet, Metallic Blue’s Advanced Mobile Platform can easily extend
    this functionality to mobile devices Event messaging for mobile players encourages additional wagering activity and play through new promotions, winner announcements and increasing progressive jackpot totals created by Internet and mobile customers.
    Multi-Currency & Multi-Language Support
    Gaming operators can extend multi-currency and multi-language options to mobile players using Metallic Blue’s Advanced Mobile Platform. The advantages are obvious. With several currencies
    and mobile applications translated into several languages, gaming operators can penetrate new markets with relative ease on the world’s most advanced Mobile platform which currently supports over 1,500 mobile devices worldwide.
    Full Cashier Functionality
    Metallic Blue’s Advanced Mobile Platform integrates leading e-commerce solutions which enable gaming operators to deliver seamless cashier facilities to mobile customers worldwide
    based on the operator’s current Internet e-commerce options. Players even have the option to set-up their cashier facilities directly from the mobile application with complete security thanks to 128-bit encryption protocols already used on the Internet today.
    Mobile Account Registration
    Gaming operators can take advantage of a compelling new feature available on Metallic Blue’s new Advanced Mobile Platform. While other mobile solutions require all account registrations
    to take place on the gaming operator’s website, Metallic Blue allows account registration take place directly from the mobile application. This entire registration process and all player information is securely packaged with 128-bit encryption already used on the Internet today. With this feature, gaming operators can initiate SMS campaigns using Metallic Blue’s unique “over-the-air” (OTA) distribution platform to acquire new customers beyond the current scope of Internet marketing acquisition campaigns.
    Customer Retention via Intelligent Messaging System
    Customer retention is an essential business strategy for gaming operators today. As such, the gaming industry as a whole has developed some of the most unique and extensive loyalty programs
    with each designed to retain quality customers and encourage more transactions. Metallic Blue's Advanced Mobile Platform is flexible enough to extend the same messaging services from any gaming operator's back-office system to mobile applications. With extended messaging functionality, customers will be able to obtain real-time loyalty program information from their mobile application without having to call the operator directly or use their desktop PC. In the final analysis, this enables mobile customers to play longer on their mobile application without having to rely on other channels to obtain any information from a loyalty program.
    Mobile Refer-A-Friend Platform
    Metallic Blue has developed an innovative mobile refer-a-friend platform designed to increase awareness
    and adoption for mobile gaming applications powered by Metallic Blue's Advanced Mobile Platform. Gaming operators can now rely on the power of community networks to spread awareness for their mobile offering. Now, active customers can use a gaming operator's mobile application (powered by Metallic Blue) to enter a friend's mobile phone number so that specific download information is sent to their phone. The referring customer's first name is captured from the gaming operator's customer database and is then packaged with an auto-generated easy-to-follow personalized download message for delivery to their friend. This feature requires the gaming operator to use an SMS gateway service. Once the friend receives the SMS message, they simply click to download the application to their phone -- all conveniently handled by Metallic Blue's “over-the-air” (OTA) delivery platform. The friend can then launch their mobile application and sign-up for a new account if they are not a customer already.

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