Metallic Blue has once against expanded the realm of mobile gambling. We now provide your Agents or Credit customers with complete control of all their customers in a database that fits in the palm of their hand. Our new Agent function allows access to all of their customers' information as well as past transactions through this mobile application. This includes full Sportsbook functionality coupled with specific customer maintenance features.
    With this new Agent application we have extended all the same functions you have come to expect on your computer at home or in your office. Our Customer maintenance page allows agents to view their customers name, password, current balance, credit limit, wager limit, settle figures and much more. All this information is provided to you in a tight easily legible format designed for the phone.
    Metallic Blue also provides the ability to see weekly figures. This includes the current daily figures that will sum up all customer figures. Check on the figures for each day of the week or an overall summary view. At any point in time Agents can view their customer's credit, current balance, or even suspend their sportsbook wagering abilities if need be. With an accessible function like this you are always on top of what each customer is bringing to the table. The option to view all open bets is also provided. Whether they are betting on multiple sports at a time, you have the ability to view any customer transactions they may have open.
    Our agent distribution page gives agents the ability to view the flow of money each of their customers has coming in and out. With access to historical transactions, you are always aware of the commission or net gain/loss each customer provides. This function includes such options as Sportsbook win/losses, net amount, commission, new makeup, distribution, and current balance. With this function tracking profits or losses from each customer has never been easier or more convenient.

    With our install wizard it automatically detects the device and carrier type to ensure the precise software is installed on that phone making installation simple. We support 1,800 different handsets, 6 device operating systems (Apple, Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian, Microsoft), and 600 cellular networks around the globe. There is not a phone out there that cannot support our software.

    Metallic Blue provides high-resolution graphics so that the agent will enjoy the clarity and colour brought to the screen while dealing with customers on the go. Multi-currency and multi-lingual support makes sure there isn’t a client out there who cannot easily become a custom to this application. As technology continues to grow so does Metallic Blue’s commitment to provide fast, easy and graphically rich mobile solutions.

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